OP Oblivion IV

8.-10. August 2024


In the not-too-distant future, humanity struggles to find renewable energy and propulsion technologies. As oil and coal are almost exhausted in their country, the great power of Zeronia is looking for alternative solutions to supply its industry and military apparatus with sufficient energy. In Syldavia, a country rich in natural resources, research into an alternative energy source has been going on for a long time, as nature is sacred to them and they do not want to utilise the existing oil and gas deposits. The Zeronians don't care about this and now want to tap into it as their deposits are exhausted. They also hope to find a new source of energy, as it is rumoured that the Syldavians have found a new source of energy. As they already supply their cities with energy, without energy imports ...


Game days




m2 Playing field



The Game Area

The game takes place on the Bearshead. An ingenious playing field that the owner Manu has been improving for years. It is a fortress that was built after the Franco-Prussian War. When fortresses no longer made strategic sense and it was abandoned, it increasingly fell into disrepair. 

Today it serves as a playground for us airsoft players and offers a varied terrain. The whole area is 20 hectares in size. From a large beautiful forest area around the fortress, as well as various buildings, the terrain offers a varied playing field. From CQB to forest with many cover options, everything a player's heart desires is available.

The Nordic Forces operate on behalf of various governments and consist of well-trained soldiers who act very professionally. 

The Zeronians have invaded the land of Syldavia and want to control the entire area to secure the raw materials.


The Private Military Corporation "Silverline" is a mercenary force that has been in Syldavia for some time and is driven by power and money.

Alpha Ares app

Wir setzen an unserem Event die Ares Alpha App ein. Mit dieser Kannst du immer verfolgen, wie der Punktestand ist, welche Gebiete erobert und welche Missionen aktiv sind. Einfach die App herunterladen im Apple oder Play Store!

Was bieten wir neben dem Spiel


Am Donnerstag, Freitag und Samstag Abend gibt es ein Essensstand wo man sich verpflegen kann mit Barbetrieb.


Bei der Tombola werden attraktive Preise verlost. Die Erlöse gehen an Manu für die Verbesserung des Geländes.